Unique diva dresses.

Another great unique dress which looks very minimalistic but does great work on the body ist this new baby. All rayon, light cream, peach and black colours, with a metal zipper on the side and a beautiful cascade peplum!


Great coral red colour rayon gabardine dress with a little mid riff peekaboo! Elegant and comfy raglan sleeves with little hooks to close the narrow sleeves at the end.

Metall zipper on the side and self made crochet lurex silver gold decorations…



…after a few years research about 1940s handpainting, I started first with a tiger blouse

59-thickbox_defaultthen the panther blouse followed. After this, I could ´stand on my own´ and create different styles/themes which I worked with. It is not easy to find good fabrics with a very smooth surface to paint on. I always use rayon in different weights.378-large_default

Then I made special blouses for costumers…

IMG_5832 IMG_5774 IMG_5579 IMG_6024

IMG_5941 IMG_5854 IMG_5858

Fish print                                           Tropical flowers                              1940s Cocktails

However it makes a lot of fun to create painted blouses for dear customers, I have to be careful. I don’t like too much of anything. One of my important rules. So, I try to stop painting on blouses in this kind of style for a while.

Other orders I liked doing were these ones:

IMG_5879 IMG_5191