…after a few years research about 1940s handpainting, I started first with a tiger blouse

59-thickbox_defaultthen the panther blouse followed. After this, I could ´stand on my own´ and create different styles/themes which I worked with. It is not easy to find good fabrics with a very smooth surface to paint on. I always use rayon in different weights.378-large_default

Then I made special blouses for costumers…

IMG_5832 IMG_5774 IMG_5579 IMG_6024

IMG_5941 IMG_5854 IMG_5858

Fish print                                           Tropical flowers                              1940s Cocktails

However it makes a lot of fun to create painted blouses for dear customers, I have to be careful. I don’t like too much of anything. One of my important rules. So, I try to stop painting on blouses in this kind of style for a while.

Other orders I liked doing were these ones:

IMG_5879 IMG_5191

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